60th CEE Course, Varna, Bulgaria

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60th CEE Course, Varna, Bulgaria


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This intensive three-day course will be of benefit to clinicians, physicians, technicians, physicists and for the first time radiopharmacists and will provide an overview of the field and lecture material prepared by acknowledged experts.
Scientific Programme for Physicians

Friday, May 6, 2016:
13:00 - 14:30: PET/CT in Radiotherapy planning (basic) - R. Delgado Bolton
15:30 - 17:00: PET/CT in Radiotherapy planning (basic) - F. Giammarile

Saturday, May 7, 2016:
09:00 - 12:30: PET/CT in lymphoma (advanced) – R. Delgado Bolton
13:30 - 17:00: PET/CT in prostate cancer – F. Giammarile

Sunday, May 8, 2016:
09:00 - 13:30: SPECT-CT and PET-CT in imaging infection – J. Buscombe

Scientific Programme for Technologists
Language for Technologist: Bulgarian and English (with Bulgarian translation)

Saturday, May 7, 2016:
09:00 - 09:45: Technologist Committee activities and projects (English) - C. Pestean
09:45 - 11:45: Principles and methodology in FDG PET/CT - N. Petkov
11:45 - 14:15: Radiation protection aspects in nuclear medicine departments - A. Jovanovska
14:15 - 15:00: 99mTc milestones in Radiopharmacy (English) - C. Pestean
15:30 - 16:15: Artifact and Pitfalls in conventional Nuclear medicine - A. Jovanovska
16:15 - 17:00: Pitfalls in FDG PET-CT - I. Konstantonov

Scientific Programme for Physicists and Radiopharmacists

Saturday, May 7, 2016:
09:00 - 09:45: Basic Physics for dosimetry and radiation protection - S.Holm
09:45 - 10:30: Basic radiochemistry - J. Koziorowski
11:00 - 11:45: Radiation protection in radiochemistry - S. Holm
11:45 - 12:30: QC of PET radiopharmaceuticals - J. Koziorowski
13:30 - 14:15: Radiation protection in radionuclide therapy - S.Holm
14:15 - 15:00: Ga68 chemistry - J. Koziorowski
15:30 - 16:15: PET and PET/CT - instrumentation and reconstruction - S. Holm
16:15 - 17:00: SPECT and SPECT/CT - instrumentation and reconstruction - S.Holm
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Only persons from Central and Eastern Europe can attend this Course.

ESNM – European School of Nuclear Medicine
Dr. Doina Piciu, ESNM CEE & Outreach Courses Section Chair
e-mail: doina.piciu@gmail.com and
Olga Joachimsthal, ESNM CEE & Outreach Courses Office
e-mail: office@eanm.org

Local organizer:
Assoc. Prof. Pavel Bochev, Prof. Anelia Klissarova, Borislav Chushev

Interhotel Cherno More ****
bul. "Slivnitsa“ 33
9000 Varna, Bulgaria
phone: +359 52 612 243
e-mail: reservation@chernomorebg.com

Physicians: May 6 morning (The Course begins at 13:00)
Physicists and Technologist: May 7 morning (Please keep in mind that the Course begins at 09:00)

Information on application for the 60th CEE Course

Registration fee:
The registration fee for persons attending the Technologists and Physicists/Radiopharmacists sessions is EURO 15,-

The registration fee for persons attending the Physicians sessions is EURO 30,-

» Application form

Registrations need to be paid in advance via bank transfer, no later than April 22.
The banking and transfer charges need to be covered by the attendee.
Please state your name and the 60th CEE Course on your transfer!

Bank account details:
EANM Educational Facility
European Association of Nuclear Medicine
Schmalzhofgasse 26, Top 5-6
1060 Vienna, Austria

IBAN: AT60 20111 281 200 399 00
Bank Name: Erste Bank
Taborstrasse 26
1020 Vienna, Austria
Registration form should be sent to the ESNM Office office@eanm.org, no later than April 15.

Applications are accepted on the first come first served basis! Apply as soon as possible, please.

ESNM pays accommodation for two nights in shared double rooms for Physicians from May 6 until May 8.
ESNM pays accommodation for one night in shared double rooms for Technologists, Physicists and Radiopharmacists from May 7 until May 8.
Please note that accommodation will not be provided for attendees living in Varna.

Registration fees include participation at the Course, accommodation in shared double room’s incl. breakfast.
Coffee breaks on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Lunch on Saturday, joint dinner on Saturday and hand-outs and the course book in pdf. version – no print out!

Local organizer will not cover travel expenses, insurance or any extra expenses. No extra nights will be paid by the EANM.

The hotel room reservations will be done by the Organizing Committee in the name of the selected attendees. Please, indicate the name of the person you should like to share the room with. It is NOT possible to pay extra for a single room and it is NOT possible to share the room with wife/husband, who is not an accepted participant of the Course.

NEW: online Course book
Everyone that has paid the registration fee for the CEE course until the deadline will have free access to the course book in pdf. format. Two weeks prior to the course I will send you a wetransfer link (www.wetransfer.com) that is valid for one week. There will be no print out!

Please note that unauthorized use, copying and sharing of this copyrighted material is prohibited!